To Whom

To whom

Born as a method for professionals, for the variety of exercises and their innumerable variations in intensity and rhythm, KAB is a method also suitable for those who approach for the first time to a training practice for well-being and body remodelling.
This method has been studied to allow to modulate the effort, the speed of execution and consequently the degree of difficulty of the exercise of aesthetic and technical improvements also occur in physicality not particularly prepared for dance.
This method obliges our body to look for the exact posture, warms it deeply and increases the ability to concentrate, fundamental to approach risky techniques such as acrobatics or aerial dance, thus preserving it from injuries.
The KAB method, as properly declined praparation training, is extremely useful even for those who simply need to find an adequate and efficient posture, or a muscle retraining and definition.

KAB provides courses divided into:


Class with exercise aimed at fitness users


LIVELLO AMATORIALEbr>Rivolto a studenti di danza e ginnastica delle scuole


Advanced classes aimed to professionals