The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack by
Andrea Pozzoli

Building with Giulia Staccioli a path for KAB that guides and defines the “physical gesture” also through music, led me in the first instance to investigate the various levels of sound perception, and subsequently of the rhythm, that our body naturally developed from the prenatal stage.

More familiar and clear the stimuli introduced by the music are, the less our brain devotes resources to process them.

Therefore reserve more energy to control movements.

The awarness and perfection of this concept brings the sound impulse itself to become an integral part of the physical gesture.

After having created a database of sounds appropriately elaborated for this purpose, I felt the need to structure and evolve the composition in an equally “familiar and clear” way.

I have therefore thought that the ability to manage sequences of increasingly complex movements and to make it become a spontaneous mechanism is in fact acquired in the same way in which from birth we build and learn verbal language.

The voice, and not the song itself, has therefore become the common thread of all the pieces, the focal point of a path through which to correctly perform a simple movement is equivalent to uttering perfectly a simple word.
Performing in a complex choreography giving it elegance and apparent simplicity of execution is tantamount to declaiming with extreme mastery of language and diction a poem by William Butler Yeats.

Andrea Pozzoli

Andrea Pozzoli is Composer, Producer, Sound Designer.
Founder and Artistic Director at WALKING TREES human eco rock opera (
Plays an electric celtic harp designed by himself and engineered by Paolo Maria Canetta.

Live and Studio sessions:
Francesco de Gregori, Lucio Dallla, I Nomadi, Massimo Bubola, Celtas Cortos, Arona n’Djaye (Peter Gabriel), Tafa’ Sisse’, Tanya Saw (Zap Mama), Secuba Bambino Djabate, Bruno Genero, Gavin Harrison, Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana (Pavarotti and Friends)
Theatre and Dance music:
He conceived along with Giulia Staccioli for Kataklo’ Athletic Dance Theatre the show “Livingston beyond the limits” developing the dramaturgy and composing the original soundtrack.
He composed the original soundtrack of the show “Biosphera” commissioned by the Festival INteatro of Polverigi.
He composed the original soundtrack of the show “Terra”commissioned by Teatro Settimo of Turin.
He composed the original soundtrack of the show “Il bambino dai pollici verdi” commissioned by Teatro Pergolesi di Jesi.